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For almost 65 years, we have been providing leading residential and commercial garage door repair service in the Minot area.



Looking for garage door repairs?

When your garage door suddenly stops working, it might be not only extremely frustrating but also a safety hazard. If your door isn’t operating correctly, it’s leaving your home or business unguarded, isolated, at risk and more vulnerable to burglary and weather damage.

You should contact Overhead Door Company of Minot if your garage door is experiencing problems such as:

  • Your garage door only opens halfway or does not open at all

  • Your own garage door isn’t closing or is simply closing halfway

  • The particular motor is running but the door isn’t beginning

  • There is a high in volume grinding noise when the doorway opens or closes

  • Your garage door has broken a glass

  • The door can be manually opened without using the opener or security pad

Regardless of the concern, we have you covered. We have seen and done it all, and we service all models and makes of garage doors. Whether you need garage door  repair, your garage door springs replaced, your garage door parts inspected or anything else, we certainly have your services covered!

Exactly what does garage door repair cost?

Many homeowners ponder about garage door repair cost. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of repair in the Minot area, based on more than 100 cost profiles, is $110. This includes lubricant, pro-rated one hour of service, labor, and sales tax.

Commercial garage door service in Minot

Garage door repair for your house is important, but an equally important service is service for commercial doors. If the garage doors at your firehouse, storage facility, warehouse, auto body shop, pole building, or other building aren’t working properly, you need to get them fixed right away. We understand this and provide prompt commercial garage door service.

If weather or fire damage destroys your company’s merchandise that is in the warehouse, this may ruin productivity, cost you extra money and more. Worse yet, if the garage doors at your storage space facility aren’t working and clients’ belongings get damaged, this could spell big trouble for you. Along with timely garage door repair—or, if necessary, garage door replacement — these problems can be avoided.

Emergency garage door repairs in the Minot area

Regardless of the source of the condition (broken rollers, bad motor, etc . ), all garage door fixes have one thing in common: an urgent need to be resolved. The garage door that doesn’t work properly leaves your home or commercial building at risk, so regular repairs are essential.

From Overhead Door Company of Minot, we provide emergency garage door repair service during regular business hours. Need garage door troubleshooting? Call us at 701-852-7070, or contact us today.

Why choose us for garage door repair?

We offer:

  • Nearly six decades of experience mending all types of garage doors

  • Friendly and professional service

  • Prompt service

Schedule residential or industrial garage door service in the Minot area now!

Don’t wait for a small problem to turn into a huge one before calling us. If you need garage door repairs in Minot, Overhead Door Company of Minot is the only name you need to know. Never ask “Where can I find local garage door service? ” again! Contact us today for an estimate or to schedule for service!

Contact us today for your FREE Estimate

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